In memory of ROLF MÜLLER

Mr Rolf Müller sadly passed away after enduring a brief terminal illness.
He was beloved and respected by the entire KTS team to whom he was a mentor, and to his clients, who were rather considered as long term friends.
He had that perfect chemistry of professionalism and education mixed with culture and an open mind.
He had a beautiful way with words, and mixed with his charm, he could open the doors and hearts of those he encountered.
He possessed the rare talent to express a great deal in few words.
He worked with a positive attitude, spreading optimism even in the most difficult of times.
His professional and moral support are one of the pillars to the long term success of KTS Capital Management AG.
Mr Rolf Müller will always be in our hearts.


External Senior Advisor

Rolf had over 40 years of experience in banking as a senior relationship manager. He worked for UBS AG in Zurich and, also for another private bank as an Executive Director.  He started his career as a junior stock trader for Swiss Bank Corporation on Wall Street in New York.

Rolf held a degree of the Business School Zurich; he also studied Business Administration at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA.  In addition to banking, Rolf was a Journalist, writing for National Newspapers and Aviation Magazines.