Consolidated Wealth Report

Once the wealth has been structured efficiently to meet all aspects of the family, we can provide a sophisticated "See-through" reporting tool to improve your family's wealth management.
KTS Consolidated Wealth Reporting Tool provides a deep insight into:


The asset overview section provides information on the total wealth to make crucial strategic decisions:

  • Total assets by beneficiary & structure
  • By asset class (marketable and non-marketable securities)
  • By geographical region
  • By currency
  • By custody bank


The wealth evolution section provides the information of the fluctuations of the wealth for a specific period of time:

  • Aggregate wealth evolution summary of investment and non-investment activities
  • Cash flow of marketable and non-marketable securities
  • Personal income and expense summary
  • Summary of professional charges


This section provides information on resulted returns and also serves to compare different managers in terms of risk/return tradeoff, and as a guidance of total risk in different scenarios:

  • Performance reporting
  • Manager comparison
  • Risk analysis
  • Tactical versus strategic asset allocation
  • Drawdown analysis
  • Scenario stress testing


In this section KTS supports you to optimize your wealth with advice. It is our goal to customize your investments efficiently to fully align with your specific needs:

  • Detailed investment list including performance of the holding
  • Investment proposals
  • Optimisation to the individual risk profile