About KTS Capital Management

The trusted partner for families & entrepreneurs

KTS Capital Management (“KTS”) is an independent Multi-Family Office (“MFO”) and Asset Manager.

KTS is structured to assist High Net Worth (“HNW”) families, entrepreneurs, and individuals having complex business ownerships and asset structures with comprehensive wealth management solutions to preserve capital and to achieve their long-term vision and goals. KTS vision is to offer one-stop enrichment of family office service to wealthy families, entrepreneurs, and individuals in a constantly changing and challenging world.

Its history goes back to two entrepreneur families who’s wealth became substantial.

The Family Office was founded in 2009 to support the families with the following objectives:

  • – To assist them with the day-to-day management and organization of their affairs.
  • – To support corporate functions, legal, trust and estate planning.
  • – Share personal tax filing and other aspect of financial planning and administration.

Today, after many years of successful support of multi-generational families, KTS has a proven track record in:

  • – Dealing with the complexity of wealth planning.
  • – Managing estates, trusts, taxes, and philanthropic arrangements, including family personal aspects.
  • – Running businesses in different fields, managing costs effciently.

KTS is located in Switzerland, which is an established and safe jurisdiction, trusted by international investors for its stable political and economic framework. Most leading private banks were founded in Switzerland and have a long history to render high-quality financial services to clients worldwide.

KTS is licensed as portfolio manager by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisor Authority, and monitored by the supervisory organisation OSFIN and we are member of the VSV ASG.

KTS is registered with GIIN Number as a Nonreporting IGA FFI under FATCA3 (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, USA) to comply with US investments.

KTS is affiliated with the Verein Ombudsstelle Finanzdienstleister (OFD) which you can contact for a neutral and cost-effective information and as a mediation center.

Company Identification Number (UID): CHE-115.104.821

LEI Number: 2549009548UUNT6XIH65