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Month: July 2018

Finding Hidden Gems – Ambu A/S

Nowadays, if a person is living in one of the most advanced countries, and is prescribed an endoscopy by their physician, the words “superbug” and “contamination” are usually not the reason to have such a visit, however, it may sadly happen that afterwards, once this person receives the diagnosis from the visit, they may become more familiar with these...

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Finding Hidden Gems – ZincX Resources Corp

On May 07, 2018 Canada Zinc Metals Corp announced that it has changed its name from Canada Zinc to ZincX Resources Corp and will be traded under a new stock symbol of “ZNX”. We covered the company in our “Finding hid- den gems” report the 23rd of January 2018 (trading then at C$0.34), and today we give an update following the robust positive results from the Preliminary Economic Assessment...

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