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Finding Hidden Gems – Orocobre Ltd Update

The 27th of April 2017, when it was trading at a price of $3.11, we advised our clients to buy Orocobre LTD due to the growth potential of the lithium producers in light of the growth of the electric car industry in Europe, America and especially China. We forecasted that Chinese manufacturers would have started investing directly in lithium producers and this has just happened with a deal between Chinese car maker great Wall and Pilbara Minerals, with the acquisition of a $28 million stake in the company, which is said to be the first direct investment in a lithium supplier by an auto...

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Trading Opportunity – Oil

On the 10th of October, OPEC Secretary General, Mohammed Barkindo, gave a clue of what the market could expect from the OPEC meeting which will be held on the 30th of November in Vienna. Suggesting that both OPEC and other oil producers, may be forced to adopt “some extraordinary measures” in 2018 in order to rebalance the market, urging also “our friends, in the shale basins of North America to take this shared responsibility with all seriousness it...

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Finding Hidden Gems – Orocobre Ltd

Tesla’s story is well known to everyone, but Chinese billionaires are starting new companies in the sector, with a target of 5 Mln electric cars by 2020. To give an idea of the enormous potential in China, during 2016 in Germany 25’000 electric vehicles have been sold compared to 500’000 in China. In order to reach this impressive goal, China has to ensure any lithium production by acquairing lithium miners. Even if the sector is hot, by analysing the ETF Global X LITHIUM (LIT US), the market is not investing in pure lithium producers, therefore KTS is of the opinion that still exists certain inefficiencies in the...

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Finding Hidden Gems – UrtheCast Corp Update

This is an update of our “Finding Hidden Gems” report published in October 2016, where we highlighted the opportunity to invest in UrtheCast Corp (UR TO). The stock at that time was trading at C$1.02; today, three months later the stock climbed to C$1.67 (+63%), breaking the C$1.26 downtrend channel, we are reiterating our target price on UrtheCast (1y C$3, 142% upside – 4y C$14, 900% upside), in light of the recent developments,...

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KTS Investment Horizon

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) will likely have a limited economic impact and will constitute small contagion risks for other EU members. Due to Brexit, safe haven trades have moved bond prices higher and yield to fresh lows; interest rates are kept artificially low longer and governments are likely to extend the lifespan of new debt issues up to 100 years. As a result of falling interest rates, stocks in general are considered to be more...

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